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Reclaim, Repurpose, Reimagine

Sustainability is part of our DNA and we have a simple mantra; Reclaim, Repurpose, Reimagine.  This guides us in how we operate as a responsible and sustainable business and informs our vision for the future too.


Our focus since the very beginning is to create incredible tasting spirits using surplus raw materials.  We have proven that by using otherwise unused resources it is possible to create spirits better than those that use grown for, single purpose materials.  

But don’t just take our word for it.  Both of our beautiful gins, Foxhole Gin and HYKE and our new botanical rum, Mad City have won bronze, silver and gold medals at the International Wine and Spirit Awards (IWSC Awards) in multiple categories; evidence that we are creating consistent quality, flavour, balance and versatility.

This level of deliciousness is possible because of, not in spite of the raw surplus materials we reclaim and use.


Whether it’s the English wine grapes left over from harvest used in Foxhole Gin, surplus supermarket grapes for HYKE Gin or the molasses (the by-product of the sugar industry) which forms the blends on which our Mad City Botanical Rum is built,  the secret is that they produce absolutely beautiful spirits that are full of textures and flavours.  

On the outside, every element of our products is made from recyclable material and we’re investing in offsets to neutralize our carbon footprint. We consider every detail and reduce our environmental impact where possible and most importantly, we are always looking at alternative materials and solutions to see what further improvements can be made.


Our ambition is to continue to play our small part in the global surplus issue; demonstrating that with skill and passion, surplus can produce better quality spirits than grown for, single purpose materials.

Each of our luxurious products utilises a different raw material but whatever the main ingredient we aim to use as much of it as possible and source sustainable botanicals where we can too. 

We want to inspire people to ask; what does happen to food surplus, and how can we help reduce it in the most delicious way possible?