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Reclaim, Repurpose, Reimagine

We make our spirits using sustainably-sourced surplus materials generated by other businesses. We believe it’s the right thing to do – and research shows the most sustainable thing to do with waste is make something new with it. But mostly because it brings you incomparable spirits with character, qualities and flavours as unique as their backstory.


All our products are made using materials that would otherwise go to waste. In HYKE Gin, we rescue surplus table grapes that have been shipped in from around the world by UK supermarkets. Visually, they’re below the standard required for the shelf; but it's what's inside that counts - they’re absolutely perfect for us. For HYKE Gin Very Special, we also reclaim crushed grapes normally just discarded, from the world-beating English winemaking industry. Our Mad City Botanical Rum is made using molasses, a natural by-product from processing sugar-cane (plus sustainable botanicals wherever possible).

As well as helping to reduce waste-to-landfill from these sectors, we’re also avoiding specially-grown, single-purpose materials used in conventional spirits, which require land, energy and other resources to produce. Two environmental footprints reduced in one go - a true win-win.  


Every year, supermarkets send millions of perfectly good surplus grapes to landfill. Likewise, each wine vintage sees tonnes of crushed grapes from the country’s finest vineyards simply dumped. To us, this always seemed a tragic loss. So we’ve done something about it.

We take these precious resources and use them to make the base spirit for HYKE Gin. (Conventional makers use pure grain spirit; one of the aforementioned single-purpose, specially-grown materials.) It’s this grape spirit that gives HYKE Gin its unique character, which is brought fully and gloriously to life by our botanicals.

Likewise, we relieve grateful sugar-cane processors of their leftover molasses, saving them the job of disposing of it, and putting a fantastic natural resource to the best possible use, as the basis for our Mad City Botanical Rum.


Using our reclaimed ingredients, we make spirits that are objectively better than those made from specially-grown, single-use materials –and we’ve got the international awards to prove it. But we’re also aiming to make a difference.

We’re one company. We can’t change the world; and we’re not trying to. It’s minds and perceptions we’re after. The idea of the circular economy is gaining traction everywhere from fashion to car manufacturing. In our own small way, we’re promoting it in the drinks industry – and as our customer, you’re directly supporting that effort. In its first two years, for example, HYKE Gin kept more than 5.2 million grapes out of landfill. It’s not the complete answer; but it’s a start. And when you pour a HYKE G&T or mix a Mad City Botanical Rum cocktail, you can be confident you’ve chosen not just a genuinely great product, but also a truly good one.