Sustainable and delicious alcohol gift ideas

Sustainable and delicious alcohol gift ideas

Who doesn’t like to receive a delicious bottle of something at this time of year?

Even better when it’s made in the UK from sustainable materials, has award-winning taste and is presented in a bottle that will make their bar cart look super stylish! 

As well as being made with sustainable natural materials, when you order from us you can be sure that your purchase will arrive plastic free and that every last bit can be fully recycled. Even the glue we use for our labels is specified to be easily removable by the recycling plant!

Choose them a gift they are guaranteed to enjoy this Christmas and one you can feel good about giving! 


For the style seeker


Award-winning gin made with surplus grapes featuring an intricate label inspired by traditional South African textiles.  An ideal Christmas gift for a zero waste celebration. 

HYKE Gin Christmas Gift


For the gin connoisseur

HYKE Gin Very Special

The finest gin we've ever made, created from the by-product of the English Wine harvest and a transformative touch of our very own brandy.  The perfect gin gift for Christmas! 

HYKE Gin Very Special Christmas Gift


For the flavoured gin lover

HYKE Signature Series Orange

Fruity, and delicious with no added sugar. A dry gin with zest and a gentle touch of spice made with surplus oranges.  Our orange gin pairs perfectly with gingerbread biscuits too! 

For the rum lover 

Mad City Botanical Rum

100% Fairtrade-certified rum blend and complex blend of 25 botanicals to enhance and invigorate the natural characteristics of the rum.   

Mad City Botanical Rum Christmas Gift


For extra special gifting

Sustainable & Luxurious Gift Boxes

Our Christmas gift boxes come in 100% recycled packaging.  Which one will you choose for the perfect gift?  'Very Special', 'Gin Lovers' or 'Cocktail Lovers'?  

HYKE Gin Christmas Gift Box


For gin stocking fillers

HYKE Gin Miniatures 

A box of our cute miniatures so you can share the love. Perfect for your festive tablescape or tree gifts. 

HYKE Gin Stocking Filler
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