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Very Special Gin Spritz

40ml Brewed Earl Grey tea
1 teaspoon plum jam
15ml lemon juice
50ml traditional method sparkling wine (Champagne, Cava, English Sparkling Wine)


Lemon zest
Sprig of mint


Add 40ml Earl grey tea to a wine glass
Add a teaspoon of plum jam and mix until dissolved
Add 50ml HYKE Gin Very Special and 15ml lemon juice
Fill to brim with ice
Stir for 10 seconds
Top with 50ml champagne
Garnish with a mint leaf and lemon twist

For sharing serve

Times the ingredients by number of guests and assemble cocktail in a carafe/jug.
Serve in wine glasses full of ice garnishing both jug and glasses with sprigs and lemon twists.

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