The Winery: Where a waste material becomes a world-beater.

After pressing, the beautiful Sussex grapes are reduced to a pulpy mass of skins, flesh and pips. Known by its French name, marc, it’s a waste product; and every year, the industry threw away literally tonnes of the stuff. Unfortunately, it meant around a third of each harvest’s precious grape juice also ended up on the compost pile. An inglorious fate for a resource so rare and valuable. It just didn’t seem right. We thought: there has to be something better we can do with this. And there is.

Now, instead of just binning it, we send the marc back for a second pressing. All that lovely, formerly lost juice is carefully collected, fermented and turned into an English Wine. Not that you’ll ever get to drink it: this wine is destined for the distillery, and its unique place at the heart of Foxhole Gin.

What was once simply discarded is reclaimed and repurposed through craft, skill and resourcefulness. Which means we’re now making not one, but two great English specialities from these carefully grown grapes. And better still, we’re also making a difference.


Technical Information

The Winery

Number of tanks: 33
Gin Pressings Tank Number: 26
Tank material: Stainless Steel
Press Sizes: 5 tonnes and 1 tonne whole bunch
Winemaking Capacity: 120,000 bottles p/a