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Our Approach

A worldwide challenge

Every year, a staggering 30% of the world’s food is simply thrown away. Add in the vast water and energy consumption and CO2 emissions from production and transport, and food waste has a truly massive environmental impact.

At Foxhole Spirits we know there’s value in natural, surplus materials others overlook. In our ground-breaking approach, we use them to create our award-winning products, reducing waste-to-landfill and supporting the UN’s goal of halving food waste by 2030.

Our part in the solution

By reimagining natural materials that would otherwise go to waste, we avoid specially-grown, single-purpose ingredients used in conventional spirits, which require land, energy and water to produce.

The results are delicious, luxurious spirits that consistently win major awards for their quality and taste - not in spite of their unique origins, but because of them.

Tangible results. A genuine impact.

We’re a small producer with a big mission – and we’ve already had some notable successes.

- Distilling surplus table grapes into the basespirit for HYKE Gin, has kept over 7,000,000 from going to waste.

- HYKE Gin won 'Sustainable Use of Raw Materials' at the Footprintmedia 2020 Drinks Sustainability Awards.

- We’ve reimagined over four tonnes of molasses to make our Fairtrade-certified Mad City Botanical rum.

- All our packaging is fully recyclable, including our bottles and capsules. Labels are printed with water-based inks on FSC-certified paper, and applied with easy-peel adhesive.

Fighting food insecurity

We’re proud to support The Felix Project, a charity which saves perfectly good food that can’t be sold and delivers it to people who need it. You can add a £1 donation when you purchase from our store – and we’ll match it.

Going further. Thinking bigger.

Food waste is a global issue we can all help to address. We’ve built our whole operation around it, and we’re actively taking things even further by:

- Working towards Certified B Corporation Status, which covers how we support our staff, community and the environment.

- Improving how we measure and offset our carbon footprint.

- Exploring new flavours and products to use even more surplus.

- Making all areas of our business as efficient as possible.

- Inspiring people to reimagine surplus.

Where it all began

In 2013, our founders, James Oag-Cooper and Sam Linter, decided there must be a better way to use the juice left in the grape-skins after the English wine harvest. Their small project produced the base spirit for the world’s first gin made with English wine grapes, launched in 2016 and now known
as HYKE Gin Very Special.

Today, led by James’ passion for utilising surplus materials, Foxhole Spirits, remains totally committed to creating delicious, award-winning spirits, thinking circular and defying convention.

Meet Our Team

James Oag-Cooper

Managing Director

Sam Linter


Graham Linter


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