Foxhole Spirits Charitable Donation Policy

Due to the large number of requests we receive we have created a guide to our charitable donations policy to provide background on which causes we have previously been involved with, and how we will consider all future requests.

Overall Policy

We would love to be able to donate to all of the worthy charities and causes that contact us, but the high demand inevitably means we must limit our donations to the charities we have chosen to support, or other causes of our choosing.

We will review each request on its merits, and, if all are in agreement and circumstances will permit, we will be glad to help your cause.


We may donate our products for your use in a raffle or fundraising event. We regret we cannot allow you to select which products will be provided.

Rules of Engagement

Responsibility for co-ordination of sponsorship lies with the Directors of Foxhole Spirits Limited.

Each new proposal will be assessed on its own merits. We cannot always make a decision straightaway, so, to allow us to fully consider your case, a proposal for sponsorship should be submitted with a four week lead time, to enable us to weigh up the merits of your case against business needs. Although it is not a requirement that your cause meets all the criteria listed below, previous donations have been in line with the following principles:

  • Causes related to reducing alcohol misuse and harm in the UK.
  • Causes related to those who have physical or mental difficulties, to help them in their life-time.
  • Causes related to cancer prevention and research.

Exceptions to our donation policy

In cases where we feel a suggested cause would be inappropriate, or against our best interests and those of the community, we will not consider supporting your cause. We will make these decisions entirely at our own discretion.

Alternative to our donation policy

Because we cannot provide donations to everyone, and in cases where we cannot provide goods to you free of charge we may choose to make our goods available to you at a discounted rate.

Submitting a request

To submit a donation request on behalf of your chosen event or cause, please tell us about your cause and your intended use of any donation we make. If you have a letter confirming your chosen cause is a registered charity, this should also be submitted to us. All submissions should be sent by email to