The Bottle

Without wine, there would be no Foxhole Gin. And we could think of no better homage to the winemaker’s art than to present our product in a Burgundy-style wine bottle. The glass is perfectly clear like Foxhole Gin itself, and sealed with a glass closure under a copper foiled seal.

The Design

We developed the Foxhole Gin brand in collaboration with brand design agency Warren Creative who share our love of traditional craftsmanship, and finding clever, elegant answers to questions others don’t even think to ask.

Each bottle is screen printed by hand in a gold precious metal ink, which is fired at a precise high temperature to turn the ink copper, along with a white ceramic ink to emphasise the detail in the design. The back and sides of the bottle are decorated with a custom illustration of vine leaves, reflecting Foxhole Gin's oenological connections. Our bold, bushy-tailed fox logo appears in all his glory on the front, and in a subtly embossed form on the top of the seal. 

The Name

 We went through numerous iterations before arriving at Foxhole Gin. Had to be done, because it had to be right. We drew inspiration from the Foxhole Vineyards, where the grapes we use to make the gin are grown; which itself takes its name from the narrow, winding Foxhole Lane that leads to them. Sometimes, the correct solution is right there in front of you all along. Rather like Foxhole Gin itself.