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Foxhole Spirits specialises in the creation and production of high quality, premium spirits with a focus on using otherwise unused resources, promoting sustainability and creativity within the drinks industry.

We distill our knowledge and expertise to create handcrafted products that are beautifully unique, of the highest quality, honest to their origins and most importantly, exceptionally delicious.

We launched our first batch of Foxhole Gin in September 2016; each new batch is beautifully balanced, smooth and aromatic, with its own subtly distinctive character bestowed by that year’s grape harvest.  

Made using spirit distilled from English grapes, Foxhole Gin is infused with juniper, coriander, angelica root, orris root, liquorice root, bitter orange, fresh lemon and grapefruit zests and angelica seed, and diluted with natural spring water.

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James Oag-Cooper

Managing Director

Samantha Linter


Graham Linter

Finance Director



Donna Amato

Head of Marketing & Communications

Jake Goldstein

Brand Ambassador



Warren Creative

Branding Agency

Tonic Communications

Public Relations


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